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Need help getting rid of nuisance raccoons? Animal Rangers
provides humane raccoon trapping and removal services in
Indian River County, FL. Our wildlife specialists provide expert
capture and removal of nuisance raccoons from residential and
commercial properties. We are licensed, insured, and equipped
to handle safe removal of all types of nuisance wildlife, bees and
rodents. Animal Rangers provides professional assistance for
Homeowners Associations, as well as City and County
properties. We handle all levels of nuisance wildlife control and
animal removal services.
Need professional help to get rid of
raccoons in the yard?
We provide fast and effective raccoon
removal services in Indian River County, FL. Our wildlife
management experts provide effective methods for safe removal
of raccoons in the attic. We also provide attic restorations;
cleaning, sanitizing and insulation services for remediation from
animals in the attic. Our wildlife experts are skilled at removing
baby raccoons in the attic. Get experts that you can rely on to
handle just about everything from start to finish. Call Animal
Rangers for professional raccoon control services in Indian River
County, FL. Call Anytime!
Office: 800-248-7264