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Need help getting rid of gophers? Animal Rangers provides
pocket gopher removal services in Doral, FL. Pocket gophers are
burrowing rodents that kill vegetation. They also ruin landscaping
by digging mounds in the yard. Our wildlife management
specialists provide effective gopher trapping and removal
services. We can effectively identify and get rid of pest gophers
and/or moles tunneling in your lawn. Pocket gophers are
herbivores and feed mainly on roots of plants and small shrubs.
They also feed on grasses and tree roots which can cause severe
damage to landscaping. Trapping gophers requires skill and
patience. We provide extremely effective gopher removal
services in Doral. A single gopher can have a devastating impact
on your landscaping. Pocket gophers are solitary nocturnal
animals. They have a tendency to take up residence within
grassy areas and may excavate enough soil causing several
mounds in a single night. Although their lifespan is less than 3
years, gophers will usually tunnel and excavate mounds within a
50 foot radius which can go on for months. Please contact us for
more information about our gopher removal and trapping services
in Doral, FL.
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