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Animal Rangers, nuisance wildlife control specialists provide frog
removal services in Cutler Bay, FL. We are a contracted service
for nuisance animal removal and wildlife control. Our wildlife
specialists provide removal of nuisance animals from residential
or commercial properties.
Need help to get rid of frogs around
your home?
Frogs can sometimes take up residence in storm
shutters or inside small voids where other pests may also seek
shelter. Our technicians provide expert frog removal and frog
control services in Cutler Bay. Although most frogs are harmless,
it may be necessary to remove frogs from areas where they are
causing a nuisance. Be sure to understand the difference
between frogs and toads. Although these animals may appear to
be very similar, they are not the same. There is a particular
species of toad which is common in many parts of Florida and is
extremely toxic. The bufo marinus Cane Toad secretes a deadly
milky white toxin from glands around it's head that is extremely
dangerous if it is ingested or gets into the bloodstream. Dogs are
often most vulnerable to being poisoned by Cane Toads. Visit our
toad removal page for more information about poisonous Cane
Toads in Cutler Bay, FL.
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