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Animal Rangers, provides dead animal removal or animal
carcass removal in Florida. We are a contracted
animal control
service for removal of dead animals such as dead rats, dead
raccoons, dead cats, dead opossums or dead ducks. We are a
private contracted service for dead animal removal or animal
carcass removal, transport and disposal. We also provide
antimicrobial sanitizing, deodorizing, disinfecting and pest
control treatments for parasites, bacteria and other

Need help to find a dead animal in the attic?

Never use rat poison in the attic. Our wildlife technicians provide
inspections to locate and remove dead rats in the attic. We also
provide attic restoration services in Florida to clean out animal
waste, contamination, dead animals, feces and other biological
hazards that may be effecting the air quality in your home.
cleaning, insulation removal, sanitizing and disinfecting is
our specialty.

Need a dead animal removed from you yard?

Emergency dead animal removal service in Florida.
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