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Animal Rangers professional duck removal and control services in Deerfield Beach, FL. We provide expert Muscovy duck trapping and
removal services for residential and commercial properties. Our wildlife specialists use a variety of methods to capture, remove and control
populations of nuisance Muscovy ducks in Deerfield Beach, FL. Muscovy ducks are not considered "wildlife" in Florida. They are actually
feral domestic animals. The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that Muscovy ducks are considered to be undesirable
in the wild because of their potential to spread disease and interbreed with Florida's native waterfowl. Animal Rangers expert duck trappers
will capture and remove nuisance ducks in Deerfield Beach, FL for private residential and commercial land owners or property management
groups. We offer a variety of services for the capture and removal of Muscovy ducks from areas where they are not wanted. Large
populations of Muscovy ducks can be considered a health hazard. Muscovy ducks are non-migratory animals and can be very prolific.
Overpopulation of Muscovy ducks are common in areas where there is an abundance of food. Muscovy ducks can become overwhelming in
areas throughout Deerfield Beach, FL. Many people are concerned about health risks associated with duck feces and harmful bacteria.
Contamination from high quantities of Muscovy duck feces can cause an unbalance in PH levels and degrade water quality in small ponds.
Contact Animal Rangers for professional wildlife removal services and Muscovy duck control in Deerfield Beach, FL. Expert services to get
rid of nuisance ducks from the property. We also provide nest and egg removal services for the control of Muscovy ducks. Please visit our
Duck Information page for more facts about nuisance Muscovy ducks in Florida.
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