Florida Nuisance Wildlife Control and Animal Removal Services
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Florida Nuisance Wildlife Control & Animal Removal Services
Florida Nuisance Wildlife, Animal Removal & Pest Control Services
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Animal Rangers, Inc. - Professional nuisance wildlife control and pest control services in
Florida. Our team of wildlife management specialists are equipped to handle much more than
your average pest control company. We specialize in humane animal trapping, rodent control,
pest control and bee removal services. We pride ourselves on solving the most difficult
problems with rats and other animals in the attic. It is not uncommon for people to have
absolutely no idea that they are indeed living with rats in the attic. Rats in the attic may go
undetected for years, and over time the contamination can build to hazardous levels. Our pest
control technicians provide thorough inspections to locate and seal entry points, and reinforce
certain weak points on common construction to prevent animals from getting into the attic. We
also implement an effective rodent control barrier around the exterior to prevent reoccurring rat
problems. Animal Rangers provides a wide variety of pest and wildlife control services in
Florida. We provide nuisance animal removal, raccoon removal, opossum removal, snake
removal, armadillo removal, rat removal, iguana removal, bat removal, duck removal, peacock
removal, mole removal, toad removal, hog removal, bobcat removal, fox removal, coyote
removal, rodent control, pest control, etc. We also provide specialty services for attic
restorations; attic cleaning, sanitizing and insulation. Professional attic cleaning to extract and
replace old contaminated attic insulation. We provide customized services for integrated pest
control and animal control. Call us anytime for information on customizing a service plan
package that works best for you!
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