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The poisonous Cane Toad, also known as the Bufo Toad (Bufo
marinus) was originally introduced in Florida to help control
destructive beetles in sugar cane fields. When a cane toad
becomes agitated or defensive, it secretes a potent milky toxin
from glands at the base of its head and neck. Dogs are often at
high risk of being poisoned by cane toads. This particular toad
can administer a deadly dose of bufo-toxins to a dog by oral
ingestion. Animal Rangers provides professional toad removal
services in Venice, FL. We provide effective toad control services
for communities and residential properties. Our toad control
experts also provide trapping and removal of poisonous cane
toads. Toads and frogs tend to take up residence in particular
areas where they find suitable. You will often see the same toads
appear regularly in the same areas during certain times of the
evening or early morning. We offer effective toad control services
to provide a much safer environment for your pets. Often times,
animal repellents have little or no effect on already established
animal activity. We provide effective toad control, trapping and
removal services in Venice, FL.
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