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Sarasota, FL Nuisance Wildlife Management and Pest Control Services

Animal Rangers, Inc. - Providing excellent quality pest and animal removal services
for commercial and residential properties. Our team of professional nuisance wildlife
removal and animal control technicians are on-call in case of an emergency. We are
highly experienced and equipped to handle a variety of unique situations involving
several types of wild animals. Contact us anytime to speak with an available wildlife
management professional. Animal Rangers provides a variety of services involving
nuisance wildlife removal, animal control, pest control, bee removal, rodent removal,
humane animal trapping services in Sarasota, FL and the surrounding areas. Our
easily scheduled animal control trapping services are customized for your

Get the best pest control services in Sarasota, FL | Pest & Rodent Control

Our wildlife specialists provide helpful insights and implement necessary solutions to
prevent animals from getting in the attic. Our technicians are trained to solve the
most difficult mysteries to get rid of rats. Get only the best animal removal services to
get the job done right the first time.
Get rid of rats in the attic the safe way and don't
worry about having to deal with the hassle of bad odors and upset residents. Call
anytime to schedule an inspection to animal proof your home. Animal Rangers
provides the best
rat removal service in Sarasota, FL. Rats and other animals that
may be residing in the attic could cause extensive damage, especially over long
periods of time. Contamination from animals in the attic may become a health
concern if left untreated. Hire the animal removal experts to capture and remove
nuisance rodents, rats, opossums or raccoons in the attic. Call us anytime to get it
done right the first time!

We Provide Quality Attic Restoration Services!
Do you know what kind of contamination that may be festering in your attic over the
years? Have you had your attic checked lately? Animal Rangers provides
attic cleaning, insulation extraction, attic vacuuming, feces
removal, anti-microbial sanitizing and fresh new insulation services
Professional sanitizing treatments are performed with electric ultra-low volume (ULV)
micro-jet fogging machines. We disperse a high grade antimicrobial disinfectant that
is designed to eliminate biological contaminants such as micro-organisms, bacteria,
mold and mildew. Our specialized treatments will provide thorough coverage. Breath
fresh air again! We provide professional protection with safe and effective results.
Get a free quote to have your attic cleaned today! Animal Rangers provides
professional attic cleaning and restoration services in Sarasota, FL. Get the animal
waste cleaned out of your attic quickly. Contact us today to discuss professional attic
cleaning, sanitizing and insulation services.

Need A Local Animal Control Trapping Service in Florida?
Animal Rangers provides professional humane animal removal and trapping
services. Our nuisance wildlife control technicians are equipped and experienced to
handle the most difficult wildlife conflicts.
Need a service to get rid of raccoons in the pool? Call Animal Rangers for fast
effective animal trapping services in Sarasota, FL. Professional
raccoon removal
services with quick response. We provide expert
raccoon control with effective
results. Get quality customer service always!
Got raccoons in the attic? Our wildlife
experts waste no time. We will implement the most effective methods to safely
remove baby raccoons in the attic. Call Animal Rangers professional raccoon
removal in Sarasota, FL.

Snake Removal Service
Animal Rangers snake control experts provide professional services for snake
removal. Our
snake trapping service is extremely effective to get rid of snakes
around your home or business.
Need venomous snake removal services? Our
wildlife specialists are always ready to help remove a snake from a garage or in a
house. We have different trap styles that are also extremely effective to capture
unwanted snakes from around your home. Keep kids and pets safer with our
monthly snake control program. Have you ever needed help to get rid of a snake in
the kitchen? That's what we're here for!

Looking for Opossum Removal in Sarasota, FL?
Call Animal Rangers to get rid of opossums in the attic or crawlspace. Our wildlife
specialists provide expert trapping and removal of nuisance opossums.
Looking for
protection against wildlife invading your home?
We provide professional animal
removal and nuisance wildlife trapping services in Sarasota, FL and the surrounding
cities throughout the greater Sarasota County area.
Hearing noises in the attic?
Contact our opossum trappers to remove baby opossums or other animals in the
attic. Professional opossum removal services here when you need us, we are always
just a phone call away!

Emergency Bee Removal Services
Animal Rangers wildlife technicians are experienced in a variety of beehive removal
Need help getting rid of bees? We offer professional bee removal and
wasp extermination services in Sarasota, FL. Contact us to schedule a bee control
specialist to safely remove Africanized killer bee colonies. We are also equipped to
handle aggressive yellow jacket wasp removals. Professional wasp and hornet
removal services. Wasp nest removal specialized treatments for
wasp control around
the home. Live bee swarm removal and relocation is often the preferred method for
handling non-aggressive colonies. Honeybees building a hive in the roof can quickly
escalate to having much bigger problems if it is not handled properly. A colony of
bees may generate approximately 40-45 lbs. of honeycomb after only 6 months of  
occupying a given location. Large scale bee removals from long term activity may
often result in hefty removal and repair cost.

Professional Armadillo Removal and Wildlife Management Services
Hire a local armadillo trapper! We provide expert armadillo removal services in
Sarasota, FL. Animal Rangers nuisance animal removal experts are pros at trapping
and removal of nuisance armadillos.
Need assistance getting rid of an armadillo
digging in your yard?
Our animal control technicians are ready to help capture and
remove nuisance armadillos. Trapping armadillos requires a good understanding of
the animal's behavior and routine. Armadillos are very tough animals, so we use
specialty hand welded steel cage traps to capture them humanely. Ask us about
alternative armadillo control methods which may also help prevent activity.

Coyote Removal Services | Best Coyote Trappers in Sarasota, FL
Invasive coyotes continue to move into new areas across Florida. Able to adapt to
living in and around dense residential communities. Small dogs are often an easy
target for coyotes. Outdoor cats and ducks are also a common favorite meal for a
coyote. Coyotes may often be responsible for taking livestock. Opportunistic
scavengers; they may also be found getting into garbage or feeding on fallen fruit
such as mango. Animal Rangers are expert coyote trappers in Florida. Our
techniques are among the most effective for live capture and removal of nuisance
coyotes. We use specialty traps with a unique setup that has proven to be very
effective. Coyote captures often make big news in residential communities, and
putting residents at ease.

Those Darn Ducks!
Need help to remove ducks from your community? Animal Rangers, Inc. is often
contracted by HOA's to remove nuisance Muscovy duck populations and provide
duck control services for residents in Sarasota, FL.
How to get rid of ducks... We
use a variety of techniques to capture and remove nuisance ducks. Some properties
may result in very successful
duck removal services, while others may not be as
lucky. People are often the source of Muscovy duck populations getting out of
control. Feeding the ducks may often result in extensive breeding. Blessed be thy
Muscovy duck. This particular animal has the proven potential to drive a person to
the brink of insanity. Don't let these guys fool you, they may be cute, but sure can
cause a lot of trouble in large numbers. Muscovy ducks are extremely prolific
animals. A female may nest 2-3 times in a year and rear clutches of up to 20
ducklings at a time.

Sarasota, FL Animal Carcass Removal Service
Animal Rangers is a contracted service for dead animal removal. We often provide
removal of dead animals from roadways for cities which we provide coverage in.
Contact your City Public Works Department for dead animal in roadway removal
services. There is a service fee for transport and disposal of animal carcasses.
Service charges are based on required response time and weight of the animal
carcass needing removal. Higher rates may be applied for service calls on weekends
or emergency after-hour animal pickup. Animal Rangers is not a non-profit
organization. We charge a fee for services requiring swift professional response.
Please call to discuss pricing if you would like to have a deceased animal removed
from your property. If you are in need of dead animal removal from a roadway or a
public right of way, please contact your local City Public Works department for
animal carcass pickup service.

Animal Rangers, Inc. - Florida Nuisance Animal Trappers For Hire!
Professional hog removal services in Sarasota, FL. Animal Rangers also provides
contracted services for
nuisance bobcat removal and trapping coyotes. We handle a
variety of unique animal removal services. Everything from trapping and removal of
nuisance iguanas, to capture and removal of destructive peacocks. There is often a
demand for removal of peafowl from communities. These birds can often become
destructive and are very loud. Our technicians are skilled in trapping and removal of
nuisance peacocks from residential or commercial properties. Animal Rangers, Inc. is
a licensed and insured private pest control company. We are vendors for a variety of
cities providing nuisance animal removal and animal carcass removal services.

Looking To Hire An Expert Iguana Removal Service?
Our wildlife specialists provide excellent iguana trapping and removal services. We
offer the most effective techniques to get rid of nuisance iguanas quickly. Skilled
trapping services often provide optimal results to greatly reduce iguana populations
within local communities. Get expert
iguana control in Sarasota, FL. We are your
iguana removal experts. Call us anytime to schedule professional iguana lizard
removal service. As we all know, invasive reptiles and other creepy crawlies are
becoming established across the state. We are often contracted to remove invasive
lizard species such as African Agama Lizards, Giant Ameiva, Black and White Tegu,
Nile Monitors, Tokay Geckos, Knight Anoles, etc.

Professional Bird Control and Nuisance Pigeon Removal Services
Animal Rangers provides fast effective pigeon removal and bird control services in
Sarasota, FL
. Need bird nest removal because people are getting attacked by birds?
Birds will often become aggressive when defending a nest with eggs or baby birds.
Sometimes it may be necessary to have a wildlife control expert provide safe bird
nest removal. Pesky birds can cause quite a stir and may even become a liability. We
also provide bird contamination cleanup and bird feces removal services. Get
sanitizing and insulation removal from birds in the attic. Contamination buildup from
bird feces may become a serious biological concern. Bird feces need to be safely
extracted. Sanitizing treatments should also be performed to eliminate hazardous
bacteria, viruses and parasites. Effective bird control is often necessary to reduce
health hazards around restaurants and other public facilities.

Poisonous Toad Removal Services
Florida is home to the invasive poisonous Cane Toad, also known as Bufo Marinus or
Marine Toad. When this toad feels agitated or threatened, it excretes a toxic milky
white fluid from glands at the base of its head and neck. The toxic secretion has
been known to kill dogs that mistakenly ingest even small amounts. There has been
a greater demand for toad removal and toad control services in Sarasota, FL. Animal
Rangers has a variety of techniques for getting rid of toads and keeping toad
populations under control. Toad trapping is an effective method for capture and
removal of dangerous cane toads. Keep your pets safe and get professional cane
toad removal services from local wildlife specialists.
Animal Rangers, Inc.
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