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Professional iguana removal services in Margate, FL. Iguanas are
an invasive species which frequent many areas across southern
Florida. Our expert iguana trappers provide effective capture and
removal of nuisance iguanas. Our iguana trapping and removal
services have proven to be an excellent method for iguana
control around canals and waterways.
Want to get rid of the
iguanas pooping around your pool, dock or seawall?
Margate wildlife specialists capture and remove pest iguanas
when iguana repellents don't work. Like many animals, iguanas
are creatures of habit and develop routine patterns which they
follow on a regular basis. When we get rid of the established
iguana populations, it will often be a long time before other
iguanas decide to take up residence again. Our technicians also
have a lot of experience removing iguanas in the attic. It is a
common service which we provide as iguanas are known for
getting into attics. Green iguanas are excellent climbers and use
their long tails as whips for defense. There is a more defensive
species of iguanas currently invading southern Florida. The
Spiny Tailed Iguana tends to be a bit more of an aggressive
species. Contact us for information about iguana removal
services in Margate, FL.