Lido Key, FL Attic Restoration Services
Lido Key, FL Attic Restoration Services
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Animal Rangers, Inc. provides professional attic cleaning,
sanitizing and insulation services in Lido Key, FL. First we extract
and clean out all of the contaminated attic insulation and vacuum
the attic floor. After the attic is cleared of all accessible debris and
animal waste, we perform a professional grade sanitizing
treatment to sterilize the attic space. We use an electric ultra low
volume micro-jet fogging machine to disperse an antimicrobial
disinfectant that is designed to kill micro organisms such as odor
causing bacteria and harmful mold spores. Once the attic is
cleaned and sanitized, we install an R-30 blown in (loose fill)
fiberglass insulation.

Need attic restoration services in Lido Key, FL?

Contamination from animals in the attic is a biological hazard and
may effect the air quality in the living space. Damage to AC ducts
from raccoons or rats in the attic can cause a higher concern for
biological contaminants effecting your air quality. We provide
animal trapping and removal, location of entry points, exclusions
and repairs. Professional attic cleaning, sanitizing and insulation
services in Lido Key, FL.

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