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Animal Rangers provides professional animal removal, nuisance
wildlife and pest control services in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL.
We employ a specialized team of animal control technicians,
wildlife biologists and animal trappers to assist with solving
conflicts with nuisance animals in residential communities or
commercial properties. Weather you have raccoons in the attic, or
need assistance to get rid of armadillos under your home, there is
nothing our wildlife specialists can't handle. We specialize in bee
removal and rodent control services. We strive to provide the best
service possible for our customers. We only employ dedicated
technicians and aim to maintain a positive workforce, so that we
can ensure that you will receive professional quality services at all
times. Our focus is to maintain a great reputation in every
community. Animal Rangers is an established animal removal
company with a solid reputation. We maintain excellent
relationships with property management groups, homeowners
associations, city and county agencies throughout our service
areas in Florida. Call us anytime for more information!