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Englewood, FL Bat Removal Service
Need a local animal control service to get rid of bats?

Animal Rangers, Inc. bat removal and exclusion services for the
humane removal of protected bats in Englewood, FL. We are a
professional nuisance wildlife removal and animal control
service. Our team of wildlife specialists provide expert bat
removal services in Englewood, FL. Bats are protected animals
and it is not legal to perform bat exclusion services during their
maternity season (April 16th - August 14th).

Need to get rid of bats in the roof or attic?

Animal Rangers provides nuisance wildlife control services in
Englewood, FL. We provide professional bat removal and
exclusions to get rid of bats in the attic. We install materials and
devices to allow the bats to exit the affected areas. Pest control
treatments are often necessary to kill off infesting insects and
parasites which breed in areas with high concentrations of bat
guano. High exposure to biological contamination may be
hazardous and could cause respiratory illness. Ask us about attic
restoration services (attic cleaning, sanitizing and insulation).
Contact us for expert bat removal services in Englewood, FL.

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